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Harness Your Story
Hearten Your Brand

We build brands from scratch, and we make existing brands better with smart design, compelling copy, and innovative strategy.

Branding services in Atlanta and the Pacific Northwest for creatives, breweries, and the outdoorsy.

People are attracted to brands that tell a good story.

Brand storytelling draws in your customer; it’s proven to be an effective and powerful tool that cultivates relationships and builds customer loyalty.

We’ll help you find your business’ exceptional story and then integrate it into your branding. Story-centered branding is all about being intentional and authentic so that you can establish more thoughtful, compelling, and creative relationships with your customers.


Our Services

Logo & Brand Identity

Build your brand recognition with a solid look and feel.

Brand Strategy

Reach more customers and stand out with innovative brand strategy and positioning.

Business Coaching

Achieve your goals and grow your business with the help of your certified professional coach.

Digital & Print Design

Attract your customers with exceptional visuals.

Content Development & Copywriting

Engage your customers with captivating content.

Website Design & Development

Make your website work for you and convert visitors to customers.

UI/UX Design

Develop a better user experience for your online audience.

Brand Assessment

Get professional feedback and direction on how you can improve what you're already doing.

Our intention is to help you and your team feel proud of your brand, inspired by your story, and confident in your work.

Amplify your brand’s logo, website, and other graphics and enhance your copywriting in your emails, blog posts, brochures, and other messaging.

Together, we work to harmonize the look (visuals) and feel (voice) of your brand so that you have a clear, consistent, and cohesive business presence.


Trusted By:

Read our article in the Influencher magazine – "Build A Better Brand - How to Align Your Brand Voice & Visuals"
We have been speakers at The 2017 Creative Brand Summit and the 2018 Creative Launch Summit put on by Copper Kettle, as well as being featured on their blog.


“I really had no idea what branding was or could do. I had some vague notions of wanting better design and consistency, but I didn’t even know enough to understand what I was lacking. The team at The Look & The Feel are wizards.”




Our Approach

Our Approach

We know that it can be a challenge to navigate the ins and outs of managing a brand while managing a business. You might be considering whether or not it makes sense to just DIY, or if you should hire multiple contractors to handle various pieces of your branding puzzle. 

Our streamlined process ensures that your branding elements are cohesive. With us, you get a complete package that blends design and story together, in a clear, consistent way.

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