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Callie Cullum – Graphic designer, web designer, and all things company branding working and living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Callie. I’m the visuals behind our dynamic duo.

I'm a designer + creative director based in Atlanta, GA. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design. I  have a passion for empowering entrepreneurs to succeed by building a beautiful, strong, and timeless brand. I want to help you tell your story through amazing visuals, so that you can work with the utmost confidence.

Aside from my work as a designer, I love travel and adventure. My husband and I own a VW van, and we even road tripped it across the country a few years ago.  I'm constantly exploring, whether it be new restaurants in my city, or new cultures in Asia. I feel most alive when I'm in the water; I can’t get enough of surfing, swimming, or just enjoying the beach.  I live in a fun corner of the creative city of Atlanta with my husband and our two cats.

Three words to describe me are: adventurous, easygoing, fearless

Shelly Jackson Buffington – Business coach, and content creator living on Lummi Island in Washington state.

Hey, I’m Shelly. I’m the voice behind The Look & The Feel.

I have an MBA, and I'm a certified professional coach. I’ll help you develop clear language, sharpen your focus, share your stories, and ultimately have more confidence talking and writing about the work you do. I’m a coach, writer and a strategist, and I love helping inspired professionals, savvy business owners, and forward-focused organizations tell their unique stories.

I feel most alive and inspired when I’m out in nature. You can often find me hiking, swimming, kayaking, or camping, but quiet walks through the forest or along the beach make me feel pretty stoked, too. I recently relocated from the SF Bay Area to a tiny island off the coast of WA state where I live with my husband and our fluffy cat.

Three words to describe me are: loyal, playful, passionate

You can connect with me online and learn more about the work I do here.



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– Who we work with –


We work with passionate people who are enthusiastic about the work they do. Our clients are compassionate, intentional, and purpose-driven.


Affordable branding services for your creative business.

We like to work with brands that value:

•  Putting good into the world
•  Creating healthy and sustainable systems
•  Creative collaboration
•  Self-care and wellness
•  Exploration and adventure
•  Reflection and intuition
•  Honest and open communication

We work with teams and individuals, dynamic organizations and spirited solopreneurs.

Whether you’re a creative business owner, a wellness provider, an eco/green entrepreneur, or an adventurous team, we’re thrilled of the possibility of helping you tell your story and reach your audience.

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