What's a Brand Book & Why Does My Business Need It?


Whether you’re leading an organization’s in-house marketing team, or you’re a DIY solopreneur managing your business’s branding, you’ll benefit from developing a brand book.

No matter how cool your product is, or how stunning your logo looks, or even how many Facebook followers you have, the elements of your brand should fit together like one big, happy family.

We like to remind you that your brand isn’t just your logo; it's the look and feel of your business. It's how you want your audience to react when they engage with your website, social media, product packaging, and any other materials related to your business.

Being intentional and thoughtful about how you communicate with your customer, and how you illustrate your work is one of the foundational pillars of branding.

How can a brand book help your business? 

  • It can help your clarify your vision, values, and inspiration, so that making decisions about your brand feels more easier and natural.

  • It serves as a reminder of what makes your business different and unique from your competitors or other industry leaders.

  • You can effectively and confidently speak and write about your brand and the work you do.

  • You'll better understand who you audience is and why and how you want to communicate with them.

  • It's helpful for creating a more consistent and cohesive company culture and communication process.

  • Finally, it's beneficial to take a step back, and to get a big picture of your work by seeing how the many facets, layers, and dimensions all fit together.

What’s included in a brand book?

Not every brand book looks the same. Here is a list of what can be and usually is included in a brand book:

  • Logo, and iterations of your logo

  • Color palette

  • Mood board

  • Customer / audience profile

  • Social media graphics

  • Guidelines for how and when to use specific graphics

  • Brand vocabulary & buzz words that relate to your brand

  • Your unique voice & tone that sets you apart from competitors

  • Messaging goals

  • Your brand values

  • Communication guidelines

  • Brand core traits

A brand book serves as a go-to resource so that you can share your story with your audience and engage with them in impactful ways, so that they feel more interested, invested in, and impacted by what you offer.

Think of it as a convenient catalog of your unique voice and visual profile.

Use this tool to ensure that your brand messaging stays consistent and your brand’s look and feel remains cohesive.

Keep your messaging on-point so that every time you write or speak about your work, the message is aligned with your brand identity.

Create a  brand that your customers know, like, and trust.

A brand book is one part rulebook, one part toolkit, and one part inspiration.

Use it as a reference when developing promotional materials; it will help you to ensure that you craft a clear message across all communication channels, whether it’s through your website, social media accounts, brochures, flyers, or ads.

We invite you to take a look at one of the brand books we’ve created for our clients. You can check out our portfolio here.

Are you ready to create a brand book for your business? Contact us here, and let's have a conversation. 


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