Living Your Big Magic: What It Means to Enjoy Your Work

living your big magic

How many of you have felt discouraged, disappointed, or disheartened during the branding process?

“I don’t feel comfortable talking about my services”

“I don’t want to sound sales-y when I promote my business” 

We hear that a lot from prospective clients. We hear that they're frustrated and uncomfortable with talking about their work.

As a coach and a woman who has lived with chronic pain for over a decade, I wholeheartedly understand how challenging it can be to balance the rough edges of “the work hustle” with the spaciousness needed for self-care and rest.

The truth is that, in order to really shine in our branding and develop dynamic relationships with our customers, we have to feel good about our work and feel good doing the work we do. 

If we don't love what we're doing, then what's the point of doing it at all? And if we don’t feel good doing it, then how can we love it?

Finding the space within the folds of your work that you love, are inspired and excited by, and simply enjoy is a great place to start to build or refresh your brand and refresh your work ethic.  

Work doesn't have to be a hustle that drains us dry and makes us feel inadequate, exhausted, and burnt out.

It can be hard, risky, rewarding, challenging, invigorating, fun, and inspiring.

It can be enjoyable.

Share what you love about your work. Share what you are challenged by, and how you are compelled to grow from the challenge. Tell stories about moving, funny, inspiring conversations you’ve had with customers. Incorporate photos from behind-the-scenes shenanigans to celebrate the unique personalities and talents of your team.

Dare to be honest. Dare to have a conversation. Dare to step back and pause in the quietness of the unknown.

Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.

This call to action comes from the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

 This book reaffirmed my belief that although work can and should move us to explore beyond our every day, it shouldn’t hurt us. 

I found that in reading Big Magic, I was encouraged to shake off the mindset that to be productive means I have to compromise my own well-being; that’s a harmful, unsustainable mode of operating, based on some ill-formed idea of Success.

Daring to enjoy is all about loving the process, celebrating the peak of success and joy of accomplishment, and embracing the valleys of uncertainty, opportunity, and challenge.

As we head into Summer, the season of work and play, adventure and activity, we hope that you raise your head high and be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.


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