Building a Better Brand: Why Copywriting and Graphic Design Need Each Other

BUILDING A BETTER BRAND: Why Copywriting and Graphic Design Need Each Other

Q: What’s more important when it comes to branding: copywriting or design?

A: Trick question! They are both equally essential.

Why Your Brand Needs Strong Copywriting and Good Design

The powerful duo of copywriting and design complement and work in conjunction with each other. Incorporating both design and copywriting into your brand strategy will result in a more cohesive and consistent brand presence.

When building a brand, it’s most effective to start with the brand identity process: outlining and clarifying the brand basics such as customer profile, unique selling proposition, business name and tagline, and services or products offered.

When it comes to investment, there is no question that the best brands see the value in both content and design rather than choosing one or the other to focus on.

How Copywriting and Design Work Together

Copywriting plays a vital role in the branding and design process; it sets the foundation of your brand message. Without it, your customer won’t know what to do when they land on your website, pick up your brochure, or interact with any other branding materials.

Effective copy constructs the story of a brand’s message, and well-crafted design elevates that core message with vivid visual and graphic elements.

We like to think of the branding process like making a meal: the ingredients of design and copywriting each have a role to play in the branding recipe. Design makes copy pop, just like a spice or seasoning. You wouldn’t make a meal of just spice and seasoning, though, and without seasoning a meal is too bland. Copywriting’s the same—words on a blank webpage without the support of design aren’t effective or convincing.

Or think about it another way: just like in the construction of a building, a brand needs a strong foundation (the copy) and a well-engineered frame and sturdy roof to be a sound structure. It wouldn’t be wise for a homeowner to invest in a builder to lay the foundation and frame out the walls only for the homeowner to DIY the roof. The same reasoning applies to building a brand; it’s imperative that one views the branding process as a whole, rather than in disparate pieces. Language and visuals are the foundational elements that narrate and illustrate a brand presence.

To succeed, a business requires a clear brand presence that showcases its core message, resonates with its customers, and ultimately helps it stand out among its competitors. A solid blend of copy and design is a strategic first step in this process.

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