Feel like you’re treading water but not getting anywhere?


Get unstuck in your business with a 1:1 coaching call with our certified professional business coach, Shelly Jackson Buffington.

There are so many things to do on your to-do list but it’s hard to know where to focus or what to start or stop.

Strategy and coaching sessions to get you unstuck and moving forward. Working in collaboration with Shelly, your certified professional coach, you’ll tackle branding and business roadblocks you’re facing, set clear business goals, and brainstorm actionable next steps you can take to launch your business and project into the next quarter!  

You’ll get:

  • 1:1 focused attention from your coach

  • Your preference of a video or audio ZOOM meeting

  • A private recording of your session to use as your reference

  • Detailed notes from your session + any suggested tools or resources to explore

    Shelly is offering a limited amount of these strategy sessions, so be sure to book yours asap if you want to take advantage of having her guidance and insight!


How It Works

Step 1

Click "Book Your Coaching Session" to pay for your session with Shelly.

Step 2

After you you pay for your coaching call, you can schedule a time with Shelly.

Step 3

Shelly will initiate the call or video meeting when it's time.