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Book Editing & Design, One-Page Website, and Promotional Postcard for  Drawing From The Well

Drawing From The Well: Making Space For Yourself

Book editing & design, Squarespace website, and promotional postcard


Book Branding Identity

Book editing
Book cover design
Book layout
Color palette

Squarespace Web Development & Design

One-page website
Content & design


Promotional postcard content & design
PDF companion workbook content & design

Project Overview

This unique project is the essence of the collaboration and teamwork between two close friends, Bernie Kemp and Erin Coyle. Making Space for Yourself, the first of our “Drawing From the Well” series, is intended to encourage you to find your own unique way of contributing to the world.

Bernie and Erin each came to this project with their own gifts, insight, and vision. Bernie often sees things through the lens of economics--where economics is an exchange of energy. To Bernie, economics isn’t all about money. However, it’s about how you use your resources in the world – your energy, your time, your creativity – to create the life you want and the world you want. Bernie sees this book as a tool for meditation, contemplation and personal awareness. Erin is an artist. She connects with and moves through the world by creatively expressing herself through art. Erin sees this book as an activating mechanism to help readers learn how best to engage with the world.

Through bi-weekly coaching sessions, Shelly helped Bernie and Erin come to a place where they understood, though they are different, they have a shared belief, which serves as a thread that unites their work: everything is connected to everyone and everything else.

We worked with Bernie and Erin to do a full redesign of the book’s interior and exterior pages and cover. Working as a team, we developed the book title and subtitle, and Shelly crafted the back cover summary and introduction, as well as helped the team collect testimonials from respected readers and professionals. Callie designed a fully-responsive one-page website for to showcase the book and its features, including a PDF companion guide for readers to download.

Shelly also coached the team on identifying their readership audience base of teachers, bodyworkers, energy healers, writers, elders, children, spiritual leaders, artists, musicians, and “those who seek to unfold and grow”.

We worked with author Bernie Kemp and illustrator Erin Coyle to develop the visual brand and tone and voice of Drawing From The Well’s (DFTW) first book, Making Space for Yourself.

Drawing From The Well: Making Space For Yourself Branding Elements

THE LOOK & The Feel

DFTW’s branding is inspired by Erin’s illustrations and Bernie’s words of encouragement.

For the book cover, we knew we wanted to use some of Erin's illustrations so we asked her to send us sketches. We then pieced her watercolor illustrations together to create the cover of two people looking up at the night sky. We paired this with playful typography choices that are in keeping with Erin's illustrative style. Throughout the book, we used Erin's artwork as the main focal point, with the moon from the cover being the visual finale of the book. The Drawing From the Well landing page is a continuation of the book cover, using the same themes and style from the book, with a calm, deep blue and aqua color palette to evoke serenity and introspection.

When people pick up the book or visit their website, we hope that we’ve fulfilled Bernie and Erin’s desire to help their reader gain a feeling of peace and contentment, and a greater sense of how to live with compassion and enthusiasm.

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book design for the wellness industry

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