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Erin Coyle, CPC Branding Project

Erin Coyle Coaching 

Branding Identity

Project Overview

We worked with Erin Coyle to create the foundational branding for her developing coaching practice. Erin has a richly textured experience in life, creativity, and spirituality. Her background is diverse and multi-faceted, and she identifies as a storyteller, ritual-keeper, celebrant, writer, speaker, artist, herbalist, body and energy worker, and business owner. As she works to build her coaching practice, we wanted to help her manifest the look and feel of her brand so that she can confidently and comfortably continue to move forward in her work.

For the look and feel of this branding project, we wanted to embrace and express Erin’s deep love of self-exploration and development, as well as her Celtic roots, imagination, playful wit, and artistic nature.

Coaching is a deeply personal and intimate experience and relationship. When we worked with Erin, we realized that her brand needed to reflect her personality and honor her gifts, interests, and dreams. When her customer visits her website or picks up her business card, they need to learn more about Erin and who she is, how she works, and what makes her unique as a coach. We discovered that like Erin, her brand is playful, open, funny, curious, engaging, evolving, subversive, and unconventional.

Erin Coyle Brand Board


As for design, we wanted the logo to have an illustrative, artistic feel in honor of Erin’s work as an artist and illustrator. We know that she loves Ireland and that she finds inspiration and energy from her travels there, so Callie wanted the shape of the logo to mimic shapes found in the natural world.

We worked to develop a peaceful and calming, yet inspiring look in her branding. Callie selected fonts that have an organic and gentle feel. For colors in her palette, we wanted to use some of the more vibrant hues of the natural world like greens of trees and grasses, golds of morning light, and blues of lakes and ocean.

As for the fee of the brand, we worked on crafting the language Erin can use to write and speak about her coaching practice. We developed a tagline for her business, identified her ideal client population, determined her brand values, and pinpointed her brand core traits, the client experience, and her unique approach to coaching. We rounded out the brand book by including helpful examples of copy and messaging to help Erin engage with her audience and reach her messaging goals.

We hope that this brand book and these business cards help Erin build her coaching business and feel more confident as she launches her brand.

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