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Here's what some of our previous clients have to say about working with us. 

Liz Ahlem Clarke on working with Shelly and Callie at The Look & The Feel
You should definitely check out The Look & The Feel. Shelly and Callie are so smart and personable and seem to have this extra level intuition when it comes to understanding their clients as individuals.
— Elizabeth Ahlem, Artist, Painter
What is branding? Learn how you can amplify your brand story and graphics today.
I really had no idea what branding was or could do. I had some vague notions of wanting better design and consistency, but I didn’t even know enough to understand what I was lacking. Shelly and Callie are wizards. Working with them feels like having fun interesting conversations with a friend and then suddenly being presented with beautiful clear representations of my life work. It’s magic. Easy. Fun. Beautiful. On point. I couldn’t be happier.
— Thuy Nguyen, Owner of Berkeley Community Acupuncture
Washington-based designers
Working with Callie and Shelly on my book, “Making Space for Yourself: A Guide to Getting What You Need” has been great. Callie works fast and creates beautifully inspired layouts and designs. Shelly always managed to keep the project moving forward and insured that I got exactly what I wanted. This is a dynamite duo. I feel like they helped me create the best possible version of my book. I will use them again for my future projects!
— Erin Coyle, Artist, Making Space for Yourself
Copywriting services in Bellingham, Washington
Shelly was recommended to me by a friend when I needed some PR/coaching/marketing help. We quickly decided that my website needed a major overhaul and she brought Callie on our project. The two of them together bring the best of graphics and prose together. They are super easy to work with and I am thrilled with the new Look and Feel of my website and social marketing plan! Thank you both so much!!
— Laura McHugh, Chief Surfer Girl at Kelea Surf Spa
We felt that with The Look & The Feel’s guidance we were able to bring our already well recognizable brand into a cleaner, updated look without compromising our established presence. We were immediately drawn to their clear communication and astute sense of style. Shelly spent so much time and energy being a fantastic listener and received our feedback several times with a lot of patience to get it just right. That meant a lot.

If you’re looking for a branding team to really listen to the heartbeat of who you are, what your company represents, the message you are trying to convey and execute, and the wishes you may not even know you have while doing so, The Look & The Feel is a great choice.
— Angie Dixon, Lummi Island Realty
The Look & The Feel team is professional, engaged, and compassionate. They think out of the box but will serve a client’s needs to the letter, and their advice is clear and well communicated. I listened to my gut intuition; I truly needed to step (or jump!) out of my comfort zone. From the beginning of our initial consultation, I felt heard, respected, well-advised, and lifted up. There is no BS from the Look & The Feel. I don’t do BS; I can smell it a mile off, and this team cared about me and my work, and my lifelong investment in my career. Their integrity met mine, and it showed right away and continued up until we completed our website re-design project & business coaching together.

Since working with The Look & The Feel, I have grown in my internet navigating confidence, which is to say I feel much more solid business-wise regarding marketing myself with clarity, authenticity, and creativity. I’m less scattered and more purposeful after my experience with The Look & The Feel, and a whole lot more motivated to build upon what we collaboratively co-created!
— Alison Savior, Transformational Bodyworks
The Look & The Feel is a class A team - a boutique agency that’s full service but hands-on, the best of both worlds. They use a great process to keep the work on track, both in terms of timing and keeping everyone on the same page. I like working with a boutique agency because of the quality of personal service. It was important for me to work with an agency who had in-house copy-writing, not someone the web designer had to search for and “take a chance on”. My work has evolved because working on my new website was part of taking my business to the next level, taking a stand for the work I do in the world to help others do the same, to take their work - and their life - to the next level. Both Callie and Shelly are friendly and personable. They are also knowledgeable in their area of specialization. They are patient and flexible yet capable of guiding me within the process. I feel awesome about my business branding. It truly has a consistent, elevated look and feel that truly reflect what I stand for.
— Amy Minkoff, Amy Minkoff Coaching, LLC
I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Shelly! If you dread marketing or other aspects of your business Shelly will be an asset to you. Shelly is an organized listener and a perfect mix of compassion and tangible solid strategy. She has a way of listening to the problems you are having and then organizing them into bite-size pieces. She lays out strategies and ideas clearly and concisely. She also helped me feel more confident and motivated in areas of my business that I needed help with. When I get done with a session I feel excited and capable of making positive changes in my work life. I feel much more confident about marketing and promoting my business. I have tools and notes to look back on if I get in a rut. If you have anxiety and feel kind of trapped in your head about ideas for your business, your branding, marketing, etc. you will be so happy you made this investment.
— Kara, Electric Beet Juice Co.
My website was seven years old and needed to be refreshed, and I can see that more and more people rely on visual information. I realized that having a top-notch website, especially in my industry of interior design, is hugely important. As a designer, visual aesthetic is important to me. Developing the visual identity of the brand was my favorite part, and I also felt that every single one of my comments and/or wishes were taken into account. On the other hand, since I am not good with words I felt completely supported by Shelly’s coaching and content creation. I looooooooove my new branding!
— Dee Cherix, Bleu Leman Designs
Callie is truly gifted in the art of listening. She could hear through my clumsy design wording and inspiration, to cultivate a vision and heartbeat to our group. She brings meaning and depth to everything she touches. Our design is not only beautiful, but it is profound in its ability to communicate the heart we have for the work we do. Callie is a truly talented storyteller that has brought our counseling group into the future. We can now communicate the dedication and passion we have for our clients through her excellence in design.
— Whitney Herrmann, The Clarity Group
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