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Here's what some of our previous clients have to say about working with us. 

Liz Ahlem Clarke on working with Shelly and Callie at The Look & The Feel
You should definitely check out The Look & The Feel. Shelly and Callie are so smart and personable and seem to have this extra level intuition when it comes to understanding their clients as individuals.
— Elizabeth Ahlem, Artist, Painter
What is branding? Learn how you can amplify your brand story and graphics today.
I really had no idea what branding was or could do. I had some vague notions of wanting better design and consistency, but I didn’t even know enough to understand what I was lacking. Shelly and Callie are wizards. Working with them feels like having fun interesting conversations with a friend and then suddenly being presented with beautiful clear representations of my life work. It’s magic. Easy. Fun. Beautiful. On point. I couldn’t be happier.
— Thuy Nguyen, Owner of Berkeley Community Acupuncture
Washington-based designers
Working with Callie and Shelly on my book, “Making Space for Yourself: A Guide to Getting What You Need” has been great. Callie works fast and creates beautifully inspired layouts and designs. Shelly always managed to keep the project moving forward and insured that I got exactly what I wanted. This is a dynamite duo. I feel like they helped me create the best possible version of my book. I will use them again for my future projects!
— Erin Coyle, Artist, Making Space for Yourself
Copywriting services in Bellingham, Washington
Shelly was recommended to me by a friend when I needed some PR/coaching/marketing help. We quickly decided that my website needed a major overhaul and she brought Callie on our project. The two of them together bring the best of graphics and prose together. They are super easy to work with and I am thrilled with the new Look and Feel of my website and social marketing plan! Thank you both so much!!
— Laura McHugh, Chief Surfer Girl at Kelea Surf Spa
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