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Impressed By Nature

Brand Guidelines Development

Project Overview

We are both huge fans (and customers) of IMPRESSED by nature. When Kyla O’Neill, founder of IMPRESSED by nature, expressed her interest in developing a more cohesive brand consistency for her 5+ year accessory business, we immediately suggested that we create a brand book for her.

IMPRESSED by nature is an Oakland-based handmade jewelry design company that specializes in preserving botanicals and flowers in a wearable lightweight plastic.

We both love Kyla’s brand. Not only are we both long-time customers, we’re particularly fond of her company because we both hired IMPRESSED by nature to preserve our wedding bouquets and make heirloom jewelry for us.

For the look & feel of this project, we wanted to express the understated, soft, and sweet energy of Kyla’s brand. We also wanted to emphasize how the design process is sustainable, handmade, and local, and how the customer experience is personalized, friendly, and efficient.

Kyla was satisfied with her current logo, so we created a complementary color palette and menu of typography that embraces the essence of the brand. Callie also designed some graphic elements to bring out the visual sense of the brand.

We also developed a tagline for IMPRESSED by nature, as well as clarify a succinct business mission. We rounded out the brand book by including helpful examples of copy and messaging to help Kyla engage with her audience and reach her messaging goals.

We hope that this brand book helps Kyla continue to build a beautiful brand that brings her customer a little closer to nature every time they wear a piece of her botanical jewelry.

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