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Transformational Wellness Branding Project

Transformational Wellness 

Branding Identity, Squarespace Web Development & Design

Branding Identity

Logo design
Color palette
Renaming coaching
Tagline development

Squarespace Web Development & Design

Content, Design & Development
SEO foundation across the entire website


Fully-styled brandbook
Social Media Announcement graphics and caption
1:1 coaching session

Project Overview

Therapeutic bodywork and wellness consulting to help you live a more balanced, healthier, and empowered life. As the founder of Transformational Wellness and an advanced bodyworker and wellness consultant with over 35 years of professional experience, Alison Savior helps people live a more balanced life. Specifically, she helps women and men living with chronic pain and illness, recovering from addiction, managing stress and anxiety, and pre/postnatal or peri-menopausal women, live a more balanced, healthier, and empowered life. 

When Alison first approached us, her main concern was that her brand didn’t have a clear, consistent look. She needed a new logo, a tagline, and a more cohesive look and feel for her wellness brand. 



Transformational Wellness Logo Design, Tagline, Color Scheme, and Mood board


For Transformational Wellness’s rebranding, we wanted to bring in some color and movement to evoke the feeling her clients experience when they work with Alison to transform their lives. Her previous branding was all in black and white, and we felt that she should bring in some warmth. For her logo, we designed an abstract, energetic graphic element and paired it with graphic hands to symbolize energy and movement, as well as the hands-on bodywork for which Alison is known We chose clean, classic typography, and we used a rich teal/blue hue as the anchor point of the color scheme paired with a couple variations of the blue hues with a strong warm yellow to accent the deep blue.

Alison's original website was set up on Squarespace; however, it was very text heavy and lacked a clear call to action to capture her visitor’s’ attention. We started from scratch and rebuilt Alison’s entire website with the intention to make it more user-friendly, easy to navigate, visually beautiful with language that resonates with her potential customer. We worked with Alison to craft compelling copy and eye-catching design for her About, Welcome, Services, and Contact pages. Our coaching sessions explored getting to the heart of her brand. We pin-pointed her target customer, revised her service and offerings to be more robust and dynamic, identified her brand’s core traits and values, and worked to integrate all of this information into her messaging so that her brand stands out among other wellness brands.


THE FEEL (Voice)

Throughout the branding process, we helped Alison clarify her messaging goals so that when she shares about her work, she does so with confidence and intention.

When Transformational Wellness creates content, it’s to help the customer:

Feel hopeful and motivated to fully transform their lives
Learn about Alison’s personalized wellness programs
Get inspired to prioritize their own self-care and wellbeing so that they can live a more balanced and enriching life.
Appreciate and see the value in working one-on-one with a wellness coach.

To help Transformational Wellness establish a clear voice and tone, we developed a copybank of terms and phrases that help evoke the overall feeling Alison wants to convey as she speaks or writes about her brand.

Here’s a peek at that copybank:

Transformational Wellness’s client experience is:


Transformational Wellness’s brand voice & tone is:


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